Functional home renovations: We are an award-winning full-service residential interior design company based in South Florida. We specialize in creating and bringing to life functional, beautiful and environmentally-friendly conceptual spaces offering natural alternatives to every aspect of our design.


We specialize in interior design, project management, interior decoration, functional housing and universal design. The KAZA INTERIORS design journey guides you through the process of home transformation and your dream home is the destination.


We also provide interior design CAD drafting assistance, 3d rendering solutions and consulting to interior designers and construction developers in the US. We understand that the scope of interior design services is broad and as such, through our education and experience, we are able to collaborate with other designers that may need help in completing their design projects.


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The art of creating a functional, appealing and healthy home environment for clients.


The application of safety and accessibility features throughout a home.


The design of practical and usable spaces for all household members.


Design visualizations and construction documents supervision for interior designers


  • Meet & Agree
  • Personalized Concept
  • Design & Process
  • Project Management & Decoration

The KAZA journey starts here, at the M&A station. We will discuss the scope of your project in detail as well as your preferences and lifestyle. After we establish our goals for the project we will take an overall measurement of the spaces and prepare an initial budget to be sent with a letter of agreement. The next step is go to the job site for specific measurements and to make an inventory of the furnishings and furniture you want to keep.

The KAZA journey continues on to the PC station. We think that every project, whether is big or small, should have a strong meaning behind it. That is why, for our designs, we select a personalized concept based on many factors related to you and your family such as age, profession, wants, needs, likes and dislikes. In turn, each design will have an essence that is as personal, environmentally-friendly and functional as it is beautiful.

This is the part of the KAZA journey where we select materials, fixtures, furniture and finishes. At the D&P station, we provide plans, 3D images and various presentations so you can visualize our proposal and revise it if necessary. We also provide detailed drawings for your contractor to ensure that our design details relate to the intended product.

Here, at the PM&D station, the KAZA journey reaches its last stop. Here is where we get to see our ideas come to life. We program several visits to the job site to oversee the work of the contractor and other third-party personnel and ensure that the work is going as planned. We will also manage the delivery and installation of your materials , furnishings and other type of necessary installations.Once the construction process ends, we take care of the delivery and supervise the placement of window treatments and furniture you have approved to be part of your beautiful home. Afterwards, we will add the final touches by accessorizing the rooms to make your space feel warm and add personality to the space.

Are you ready to take part of the KAZA journey to transform your home? Give us a call or send us an email so we can hop you on the KAZA train with us.