Brooklyn Style Great Room Decoration


The apartment located in Brooklyn consisted of various separate rooms and the clients were looking for a more open space for the public area of the house. The partitions that separated the rooms were demolished in order to create an open space concept. The interior decoration project of 518sq. ft. will develop an open space with three areas connected: the foyer, the living room, and the dining room.

Existing conditions

The family’s main concern is the excellent use of small spaces, with comfort and a cohesive style between the areas. They have trouble finding the right accessories and creating a furniture layout to create a cohesive open space.

The solution for this open area is a fluid space where different types of situations can happen at the same time. For example, the parents could be playing the piano while the kids are playing or reading a book while someone else is eating or resting. All these activities could happen in a wide open area with numerous places to sit and observe while the musician is playing. The dining room also has the option of a reduction in the size of the table to give more fluidity for more accessibility to the stairs. The open space was arranged in order to not have any obstacles impeding the main circulation path and enough space was left next to the dining table for easy access to the stairs that connect to the second floor. 

The main element, the piano was the inspiration of the concept “The Right Beat”. The clients’ taste for geometric shapes and music gave the inspiration behind the furniture and some accessories that were chosen for the room, translated in the use of triangular/ pyramidal shapes that come from both the idea of music being created layer after layer and the physical shape of a triangular metronome used when playing the piano. As such, the precise beat that the metronome offers the musician complements itself with the idea of fluidity that the clients want to achieve in their home space.



What the clients asked for

  • A good use of small space that opens up and becomes one single room to share with the family and guests for special occasions.
  • Ample use of woods with soft colors for the walls, solid colors for the furniture and a geometric pattern for the rug.
  • Use of sustainable materials.
  • Contemporary/modern style, including furniture, accessories and art wall selections.
  • A designated space for a library.
  • Designated space for a piano and an overall design that somewhat emphasizes the love for music.


What we did

  • Reconfigured the floor plan to make the rooms flow smoothly into one room, thus gaining more space.
  • Added new colors, textures, and finishes. We also chose hardwood furniture selections and floors, and a light walnut wall paint to add coziness to the space.
  • Improved the air quality using low-VOC paints and stains. We also chose to install a natural fiber rug and use of fire-retardant all-natural window treatments.
  • Designed a custom white bookshelf and a custom built-in closet transformed into a mudroom.
  • Added accessories that subtly resemble shapes of musical notes and motifs.


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