Real Estate Luxury Virtual Staging • 4 important facts

For years, real estate agents for luxury homes have been using physical staging as a selling marketing tool. During the last decade, however, virtual staging has become an important and cost-effective way to create upscale interiors. Moreover, home buyers are able to move in to their dream home as soon as they close the deal.

4 important facts you should know about Real Estate Luxury Virtual Staging

1. How do furnished and styled homes help with your real estate home listings?

Experienced real estate agents should be able to take several steps to ensure that a listing is sold quickly. If the property listed is furnished and properly styled, the seller should hire a photographer to capture professional photos. However, there are times when a property is unfurnished and fairly empty, so marketing the property becomes difficult. After all bare walls and empty spaces may not be a selling point to luxury home buyers. As such, adding photos with furnished and decorated rooms to listings attracts more prospective buyers.

2. What is virtual luxury staging, and what’s the difference with home staging?

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Virtual staging is a cost-effective and fun way to sell vacant homes. On the other hand, to physically stage a vacant property may cost thousands of dollars and countless hours of work.

While home staging is usually limited to designer’s choices, virtual staging offers endless possibilities to buyers and sellers. Thus, changes to virtual images can be done if need be and prospective buyers can participate of this process. It is not uncommon for buyers to love virtual staged photos and submit higher offers for the property.

3. Is it possible to do virtual remodeling with a photo? 

As part of virtual staging services, there are endless possibilities to make changes or make additions to existing images. It is also possible to do virtual remodeling to spaces so buyers can visualize different options for their dream home. For starters, walls may be moved, flooring materials can be changed or wall paint color can be swapped. As well, an existing vanity can be replaced with a modern-looking one, or old kitchen cabinets can become fresh-looking ones.

Sellers can then be confident in offering possibilities to buyers, while buyers can be attracted to the different options they can have when buying their dream home.

4. Why do you need to get an interior designer on your team?

Interior designers use their expertise to improve functionality and create beautiful spaces. Important interior details can be identified and enhanced to increase aesthetics, which in turn increases the value of a property.

An interior designer can help you increase selling potential of any property you list. He or she can tour the home or see the property through phone images/ architectural floor plans. Then, a plan of action can be created to help the homeowner enhance and up sell their property.

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