7 easy steps to get renderings

When you begin a home renovation or a decoration project you may want to foresee materials and furniture to show your ideas so it can be transformed into something tangible. That is how renderings can be beneficial to your design projects. Renderings can also help you facilitate communication between your client and various trades.

KAZA Interiors can help translate your beautiful designs into simple beautiful images that you can easily have in your briefcase for your next meeting or job site visit. We fully break down our process for rendering jobs in 7 easy steps.

7 easy steps to get Beautiful Renderings

1. Drawings: Floor plan of the room with dimensions, could be also a sketch of the room with dimensions. Interior elevations with dimensions included for kitchens or custom cabinetry.

If the rendering is for real estate or cosmetic purposes you can just send a photo of the space taken from a good angle. 

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2. Any existing images of the room to locate existing windows and doors and a few details you probably didn’t notice during your site visit.  

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3. Inspiration images (if you have them).

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4. A list of project selections such as plumbing specifications, lighting fixtures, appliances, furniture and other accessories selections with links or specific dimensions. You can send us the link of the specific items selected, item reference or the spec file.

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5. Finishes for floor, paint color, furniture finishes, plumbing finishes (e.g tile, carpet, wood veneer, drapes and fabrics selections, metals, paint color) 

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6. Once we receive all the information we will send you a detailed proposal of the work to do.

7. Our final delivery work will be sent in a JPG file with the logo of your company. After you receive our work, you can ask for as many revisions as you wish.

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If you need to show your work in 3d you can also request the file at the commencement of the job.

You can also specify if you need the image in a special format.

The estimated delivery time is 7-10 days. If you need the rendering earlier please let us know.

Easy right?. If you are ready to begin you can go to this link and fill out the form so we can start quoting your project or click below to check our renderings portfolio.