A Natural Beauty contemporary style home makeover


The KAZA interiors team has helped transform this 2-story, 5-bedroom South Florida home into a beautiful, environmentally-friendly and functional space for a family of four and two furry friends. The design concept in the remodeling is loosely based on the juxtaposition between marine life and life on land. Hence, the combination of colors and patterns that in one way or another bring to mind pictures of the sand, the sea waves, and coral reefs is elegantly complemented and contrasted with Earth tones and patterns. While this concept is subtle throughout the house with hints of natural beauty shapes (porcelain and stone patterns and colors, wall colors, bathroom light fixtures, and furnishings) the focus towards land or sea is more strongly represented in the kitchen on the first floor and the second bathroom on the second floor respectively, both of which will be described in a subsequent paragraph.

A sense of refinement and charm is complemented by a functional and spacious design and the different soft paint colors that adorn the walls of every room in the house is a welcoming contrast to the congruent pattern in the common downstairs areas, while the choice of porcelain tiles throughout the house adds cohesiveness to the overall design, despite the elegance (downstairs) vs. rustic (upstairs) patterns that have been chosen to adorn the floors.

The marble stairs leading to the second floor is a focal point from where KAZA’s design expand throughout the house in a modern, yet simplistic style. Oyster White wall paint in the common downstairs areas gives the illusion of different tonalities as the sun hits from different angles through the high ceiling windows on the living room and dining room areas throughout the day. Store-like window panels are the background to a spacious, elegant and stylish modern kitchen that includes Italian crystallized granite with Earth-like patterns, natural wood veneer cabinets, stainless steel appliances and light grey wood-style porcelain tiles, which eloquently contrast with the shiny squared beige Italian tiles through most of the first floor. The darker wall colors of the bathroom (steel gray) and bedroom (sandbar) downstairs make for a roomy and cozy ‘earthy’ atmosphere, while the meditative blue and small colorful tiles of the laundry room are a welcoming pattern that contrasts to the rest of the downstairs area. 

Going upstairs, the stairs marble floor continues into the hallway, with two bedrooms lining up each side. Village-style and wood-like shaped and colored Spanish porcelain tiles in each bedroom provide a welcoming contrast to the tiles lining up the rest of the house, while the different colors on the walls of each bedroom purposefully lead up to the bathroom decoration at the end of the hallway. Here, Lighthouse-like light fixtures, blue glass tile panels, wave-like patterns in grey Italian porcelain tile, sand-colored paint and Calacatta quartz evoque images of the seaside. In contrast, the master bathroom does it in a more subtle monochromatic way, with beige and light-brown tonalities of tiles, exquisite agate white crystal stone detail in wall and wall paint complementing the soft taupe-colored vanity Caesarstone quartz.

KAZA interiors can help you design your dream home, from tile installation to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we do it all at a fraction of the cost. We work along with your necessities and needs to transform your space and make you want to not leave your home. We hope you enjoyed our mini-tour of this natural beauty home. Check out below this awesome video we made for you.