4 reasons to buy Eco-Friendly rugs

A few months ago we went to the newly open JD Staron showroom in DCOTA in Hollywood, FL, to see their amazing organic and recycled rugs. After we took a look at their different colors and patterns we felt inspired to write this article. Below are the reasons we encourage our clients to buy Eco-friendly rugs.

1. Better health: You probably do not know the reason for the weird smell in your new carpet or area rug. Well, that smell comes from volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic chemicals found in many household products and even in furniture and rugs made of synthetic materials. But the chemical smell is not the worst part, as these compounds can cause skin irritation, allergies, dizziness, nausea and environmental illness. Moreover, cotton rugs are, more often than not, sprayed with pesticides, which of course are known to cause a variety of illnesses and even cancer.

2. Clean and organic effect: Natural rugs lead to a cleaner and fresher ambiance in your home and are also easier to maintain. Wool, for example, is one of the most durable fibers and it is easy to clean and vacuum.

3. Renewable material: Natural rugs can be made of natural materials like wool and other fibers that are made from plants and even recycled materials, which in turns helps to reduce the environmental footprint. Some manufacturers are even recycling old natural carpet materials to turn them into new carpets.

4. Fire retardant: The use of fire retardant chemical products are not needed for natural rugs like wool, which is the most common natural material used for eco-friendly rugs and carpets. Thanks to its components, wool acts as a natural fire retardant material.

Now, have fun looking for the next rug for your living space. Be creative when selecting the colors and patterns, but most importantly take a closer look at their components.

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