“Glaslove” auction: art towards cancer research

On October 5 th, 2016, KAZA Interiors attended the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), an exclusive invitation-only interior design event where vendors show their high-end residential products, from doors and light switches to sofas and TV stands with hidden speakers. Our journey to Miami Beach Convention Center allowed us to gather information on new tendencies and products that we can incorporate into our home design projects in our mission to always bring quality designs and products along with the best construction management service in the industry.

As part of this design fair, design house Luminaire partnered up with Phillips, the world-renowned British auction house to host theirth´LOVE´ fundraising auction party for the benefit of cancer research at Luminaire´s Design District lab in Miami, FL, and KAZA Interiors was lucky to be one of the invitees to this exclusive event. This time, the auction coincided with Breast Cancer Awareness month, which made the fundraising even more significant.

While the ICFF fair and Luminaire´s live auction were supposed to run for two days (an online auction started on September 19 th , running through October 11 th , 2016), weather forecast in the Miami area for October 6 th , 2016, and more specifically the proximity of hurricane Matthew to Florida land, lead to the cancellation of the second day of both events, which of course affected not only attendance at these events, but lead to last-minute changes to the auction that Luminaire had been preparing for 2 years.

Despite the aforementioned issues, Luminaire´s ‘GlasLove’ auction was able to showcase eclectic one-of-a-kind glass decorative pieces by world-renowned designers such as Tadao Ando, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Naoto Fukasawa, Tood Bracher, Oki Sato, Marcel Wanders, and produced and sponsored by glass manufacturing studios such as Glas Italia, Lasvit and Venini.

Of particular interest to KAZA Interiors designers were the more than 30 prototype pieces from Japanese designer Nendo (Oki Sato) from his 2015 exhibition titled ‘Nendo-Works’, originally hosted at Museo della Permanente in Milan and produced and sponsored by glass manufacturing house Glas Italia. The collection boasted glass furniture pieces that came in pairs and could be joined together

(´Pair Low Table A ½ STEP 3´, ´Pair Low Shelf A ½ STEP 4´, Pair Chair ½ STEP 5´, etc), along with other glass-made functional furniture pieces such as slide consoles and slide- shelves.


Another majestic glass piece featured on the auction was the Candy Collection Sphere Chandelier, designed by Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and produced and donated by Czech glass company Lasvit. The juxtaposition of colors that emanate from the collection of small nightstand glass lamps put together in a sphere-like shape provided a focal point for KAZA Interiors designers to start their journey in the glass maze that was Luminaire´s lab during this particular visit.

Glas Italia also produced and donated a glass table from renowned Spanish artist Patricia Urquiola , simply titled ‘Shimmer High Table’. The simple, but well-made contours of her glass design werejuxtaposed by the bright yellow and pink lightning emanating from below the table top towards thetable legs, providing a unique design that is as functional as it is artistic.

KAZA Interiors was glad to be part of this wonderful auction event and will continue to be on the lookout for the best materials, furnishings, furniture and accessories for our interior design clients. Luminaire´s lab, founded by Nasir and Nargis Kassamali , has a collection of one-of-a kind furniture and accessory items from world-renowned artists, and is located in the Miami Design District. This ‘GlasLove’ auction was preceded by 3 other ´LOVE´ auctions to benefit cancer research: PuppyLove (2006), PaperLove (2008) and DesignLove (2011). To see the entire Luminaire catalog, or to seek more information about the collection, please go to http://luminaire.com/glaslove/ and watch the video below.