Functional Home Renovations

We are an award-winning full-service residential interior design company based in South Florida that strives to create and bring to life functional, beautiful and environmentally-friendly conceptual spaces where the whole family (including furry friends) can feel right at home. For us, our clients are king and we based our services on their likes, wants and needs, while making sure that their home is as beautiful as it is functional, all while offering natural alternatives to every aspect of our design. When required, we plan spaces based on universal design (accessible spaces through time regardless of physical capacity) and green design requirements. We guide and constantly communicate with clients throughout the whole process, from the planning phase all the way to project post-completion.

Karen Azagoury, ASID

Interior Designer

Karen completed her 6-year bachelor degree in Architecture from Veritas University in Costa Rica and then pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from The Art Institute in Miami. She has participated in several sustainable projects, placed 2nd in the international Bienal-Clefa contest in 2012 and got an honorable mention in the Natural Systems by D3 International Competitions for Designers in 2013. She also has won a renovation project from ARCBAZAR competitions. Now, Karen brings her high attention to detail, beautiful schematics, and tireless work attitude.

Max Kligman, MBA

Project Manager

Max got his Master in Business Administration from the nationally recognized Northeastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts. He then moved to Bogota, Colombia to work as project manager at Diarco, a small interior design firm, after which he moved to Miami in 2010. Now, Max brings his client-oriented managerial and organizational skills to every phase of every project at KAZA interiors.