Virtual Interior Design

If you live anywhere in the US and would like some basic room plans and general ideas about remodeling or decorating your home, as well as furnishings, accessories, and art that are only available to interior designers, KAZA Interiors can help.

The process:

  1. Contact us via phone number or e-mail so we can discuss your interior design needs.
  2. Send us via e-mail measurements and pictures of the space or room(s) you need help with. If you also have a Pinterest Board or pictures or ideas from which you want us to base our design on, please feel free to send them as well.
  3. Within 2-3 weeks you will receive a design board with a measured plan, 3D model and instructions for setting up the room.
  4. Once you approve the design we will give you some instructions for setting up your room.

We have a flat rate design fee per room.