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    Five Ways You Can Declutter Your Home with Ease

    A decluttered house is a happy one. To help create a relaxing atmosphere, it's best to keep our homes clean and clear. However, getting to that point can seem...

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    Brooklyn Style Great Room Decoration

    The apartment located in Brooklyn consisted of various separate rooms and the clients were looking for a more open space for the public area of the house. The partitions...

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    Clean Out Your Home without Hurting the Environment

    Getting rid off all the excess stuff in your home feels good and makes you feel happier overall. Everything you own has an energy connection to you. When you...

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    “Glaslove” auction: art towards cancer research

    On October 5 th, 2016, KAZA Interiors attended the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), an exclusive invitation-only interior design event where vendors show their high-end residential products, from doors...

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    4 reasons to buy Eco-Friendly rugs

    A few months ago we went to the newly open JD Staron showroom in DCOTA in Hollywood, FL, to see their amazing organic and recycled rugs. After we took...

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